Monday, July 28, 2008

My First 100 Mile Month

Today I ran an easy 5.4 miles on a new route with some rolling hills and subtle elevation change. When I entered the data into the computer, I suddenly realized that I had run just over 100 miles for the month of July. 100.5 to be exact, but with 3 running days left in the month, I may be able to hit 115 or 120 for the month. Here's the mileage for the last 4 months of training.

April: 50.3 miles
May: 74.5 miles
June: 78.0 miles
July: 100.5 miles and counting.

I took my old mountain bike out for a ride on Sunday, since my new road bike has not arrived yet.( I'll save that rant for another post) I rode just bout 5 miles and it was horrible. I am riding a 20 year old all steel mountain bike with big tires. I was discouraged when I returned home as I only did 5 miles and I felt horrible. How was I going to ride 10 miles in a sprint triathlon in 2 weeks? My neighbor gave me some encouragement...he got out his road bike which is very similar to mine and told me to take it for a spin. I went about a mile and it felt great and I felt like I could keep going except he was getting ready to go for a ride. When I got back we compared the 2 bikes, what a difference...about 22 lbs to be exact. I am hoping that my road bike arrives today.

Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words of support.

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L*I*S*A said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...nice to *meet* you!!

Good luck on your tri, and I look forward to reading your report.