Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday Night Group Run

Tonight was my second time running with the group from A Runner's Circle in Los Feliz. Had a great time, I started out with Chris, running a pace of about 8:00/mile for the first 2-1/4 miles. That pace was a bit faster than my normal pace and I didn't think I could sustain it for the entire 5 miles. I slowed up a bit to my normal pace of 9:00/mile for the rest of the 5 mile loop we did. Mike passed me at about mile 3 but I never lost site of him and finished not too far behind him.

Total time was 43:24 which gave me an average pace of 8:49/mile which is a bit faster than my normal training pace. Friday will be an off day for running, but wife and I will do a 4 mile walk in the morning. Planning on 6.5 or 7 miles on Saturday, depending on the heat.

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