Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My New Bike Finally Arrived...

After patiently waiting 10 days for my new-used Canondale Road bike to arrive from Dallas via US Mail, I got the call...the bike was sitting on my front porch. I spent Friday night assembling the bike and took it for a quick road test. I spent Saturday gathering the cleats for my shoes, spare tubes, tool kit and a CO2 inflater. Got everything loaded onto the bike and made the final adjustments.

Sunday morning I decided that I better do a brick workout (ride the bike an then immediately after, go for a run) since my first Sprint Triathlon is coming this Saturday. I took off for a 10 mile ride and everything went smoothly, even getting un-clipped at the stop lights. I ended up doing 10.69 miles on the bike and when I got home, I put the bike in the garage, put on my running shoes, grabbed a bottle of water and headed back out for a 5K run. When I looked at my garmin, I noticed that I was running at a much faster pace than I normally run, so I tried to slow down, but I couldnt. I ended up running the 5K in 27:18. It seems that riding the bike gets everything loose and warmed up. In the end, I felt good and confident about this weekends triathlon. Goal for this triathlon: To finish...under 1:30:00...I think it is possible.

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