Monday, September 1, 2008

Disneyland Half Marathon Race Report

We started out the weekend picking up our bib and chip at the Health and Fitness Expo at the Disneyland Hotel. Got our goody bag and T-shirts and checked out all of the vendors and got some samples of different products. This years goody bag was pretty good, no coloring book though, but it did have some kind of plug in air freshener, not sure how that relates to running, but OK. This years T-shirt is short sleeved, OK, but it is silk screened on the front with the Disneyland Half Marathon Logo. I found that to be a bit uncomfortable, so I won't wear it to run in.

We then took a stroll through Downtown Disney and checked a few shops and made a reservation at the Italian place for dinner. We went to the hotel and got checked in and took a little nap. We went back over to Downtown Disney and had out pasta/pizza dinner, walked around a bit and headed back to the hotel and off to bed.

Race Day:
Up at 3am, quick shower and a little bite to eat. We decided to drive to Disneyland instead of taking the shuttle, which after talking with a few people that took the shuttle, I am glad we drove. We got parked, stopped at the restroom and headed for our corral. I was in Corral C and my wife was in Corral D, so we both headed to Corral D. Last year, since we didn't have an official time, we were put in Corral F with lots of slower runners and walkers. After a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, and a quick marriage proposal, the race started. I was a bit disappointed in Disney in that they didn't have any fireworks to start the race. We were off and running, even in the earlier corral, there were some slow runners and walkers to maneuver around. The first mile was at a pretty slow pace due to the log jam of people in a small area. After mile 1, things opened up a bit until we made it into California Adventure where it narrowed and continued that way through Disneyland. It wasn't until mile 4 , then the course opens up quite a bit. I spent the next few miles trying to get into my groove, which I never really found. I got to mile 11 and started feeling a bit sluggish, so I took another Gu gel and walked for about 100 yards. I said if I want to hit my goal of 2:15:00 I would have to HTFU and get going...which is exactly what I did. I came back into California Adventure and knew I didn't have far to go. I looked at my garmin and I knew I was going to come in under my goal, but I started running at a much faster pace. I crossed the finish line, got my medal, had some snacks and then off to wait for my wife. I got to talk with some finishers as we were all waiting for others to finish.

For me, it was a great race. I hit my PR for this race, although my garmin said the course was long 13.35 miles.

Last year's finish: 2:41:31
This year's goal: 2:15:00
This year's finish: 2:13:19

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Betsy said...

Congratulations on beating your goal!