Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Changing the Routine

For the last 6 months I have done most of my running early in the morning (5:30-6:00am) with the exception of Thursday nights, when I run with the group. This week, with a hectic work schedule that requires me to be in early and it's still pretty dark at 5:30am, I am switching my running to the evenings. I started this evening about 6:45pm and set out for a 3.25 mile run with my Firefly Super Nova light and a bottle of water. It has been pretty warm here in Los Angeles, today was about 100 degrees and when I started my run was at about 90 degrees. Who would have thought that I would be running my A/C on September 30th...October 1st is supposed to be pretty hot as well.

The biggest difference I noticed aside from the heat, is the amount of traffic and people out and about at that time of day. I started out at a pretty good pace (8:30 mile) and kept it for the first 2 miles. Mile 3 was a bit slower as I developed a side stitch and slowed up and walked for a few minutes. After I got back (28:32) I jumped in the pool...refreshing. The rest of the week, I will do all of my runs in the evening except for my long run on Saturday, which I will do at about 7am.

It's fun to change things up a bit, but I really enjoy the peace of the early morning and I am looking forward to some cooler weather here shortly.


SLB said...

Are those fireflies any good? Thinking about those dark nights and mornings and lunatic LA drivers!

Bob said...


I feel better wearing it and I run/bike in LA. Still trying to get over the fear of riding a bike in LA though. I have 3 friends that have been hit by cars on their bikes this year...2 were hospitalized. You're in the West Valley? where do you do most of your riding?