Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Countdown to the Disneyland Half Marathon

With just over 4 days to go, the countdown has begun for the Disneyland Half Marathon. I have started to taper my runs, both frequency and distance. We will head down to the health expo on Saturday morning and then get checked in to the hotel and rest up for the 3:30am wake up call.

I ran last year's race in 2:41:31, I had originally set a goal of 2:30:00 but due to starting in the last corral and having to maneuver through all of the walkers, it took me a while to actually start running. I also "hit the wall" around mile 11 and ended up walking that mile all together. I was also under prepared for the race distance, as my longest run was 4 miles. All that has changed for this year.

I have been training since March, I have logged 379 miles since then. I have run 4-5 days a week since March including several long runs over 10 miles. I believe that I am prepared for this year's race. I have set a goal of 2:15:00, which I believe is achievable. I will most likely be put in an earlier corral, but since my wife is walking the half marathon, I will start with her in her corral. When I was down in Anaheim earlier this year, I did a few runs through the Disneyland resort and down the narrow street the race starts on and was able to map out an "escape route" to get around all of the walkers.

I will be posting via twitter from Disneyland and may get a couple of pics before/during/after the race. Follow me on twitter. I will have a full race report on Monday or Tuesday.

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