Friday, September 26, 2008

Running With New Balance

Last night, New Balance came to our local running store for our Thursday fun run and brought with them a SUV full of their new 1224 shoes for us to try. Most everyone laced up and off we went for our 5 mile run through Griffith Park. Out of all of the runners in our group, I think I am the only one that uses New Balance shoes currently. I run in the 768 stability shoe and when I was told that the 1224 is the big brother to the 768, I got excited.

After the run, everyone gave their shoes back except for me. I asked if I could purchase the shoes at a discount, after all, they were used. The owner of the store and the girl from New Balance made me a deal I couldn't resist, so I came home with a new pair of 1224's. New Balance also had a bunch of stuff to raffle away including coffee mugs, socks, lunch boxes, tech shirts and a pair of shoes. Lots of winners, I managed to win a long sleeved tech shirt.

I was planning on trying Asics 2130's when I got my next pair of shoes, but I really found the 1224's to be very comfortable and supportive. Thanks again to New Balance for coming out on Thursday night and supporting us.

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Kirsten said...

That is WAY cool! I used to run in the 1222, then it eventually became "too much shoe" for me. I also wore the 767 for a long time. I didn't really love the 768s, but the 769s sound like they might be an improvement, so I may go back. I currently wear the 902/903 and need a hair more stability--but I love the forefoot flex.

Gah, there is no perfect shoe!


I have heard rave reviews of the 1224. NB seems to really be making huge strides in the function and cosmetics of the entire product line. Makes me happy, since I have yet to find a brand that fits my duck feet so well.