Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Visit From a Movement Therapist

Last Thursday, our group had a special guest speaker who was a movement therapist from Kinetic Conditioning. He explained to us how the foot, knee and hip are all related to each other in running. He then went through a couple of stretching exercises with us on how to get the hips loosened up. He also went through a few strengthening exercises for the hips. After we were all loose...went went out for our 5 mile run. I use Thursday's as a tempo run as there are several faster people in the group and I try to keep pace with them. After the run we returned and Zac answered any and all questions we had about stretching. At the end of the evening, he gave away several free consultation visits.

On Saturday, I was invited to run with my neighbors half marathon training group. I took her up on the offer and we headed off for 6 miles running in the hills above our houses. I was really smokin', finished 6.1 miles in 54:56 with about 600 feet of elevation change. I wish I felt that good on all of my running days.

I went on a 10 mile bike ride on Sunday morning. I felt good at first, but then my legs started aching, probably too much workout for my legs last weekend. So far this week has been disappointing...Monday was an off day and now Tuesday, I am trying to figure out how to get 4 miles in and watch the debate. I'll figure something out.

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