Monday, June 28, 2010

Week #2 of the "TTGFS" Training Plan Recap

I started out week #2 with the intention of hitting my 2-2-3 (2 swims, 2 bikes, 3 runs) goal for the week but knowing that we would be out of town over the weekend, it was going to take some manipulating the schedule a bit. I made some adjustments but still fell short of the goal. I was able to get in an 18 mile bike ride through Griffith Park on Wednesday and added a run on Friday (normally an off day) but did nothing on Saturday or Sunday.

Here is week #2 by the numbers...

Monday: Swim 1200 yds
Tuesday: Ran 7.37 miles
Wednesday: Bike 18 miles w/ hills
Thursday: Swim 1700 yds,  Run 5 miles @ tempo
Friday: Ran 5.34 miles
Saturday: Off - Out of town
Sunday: Off - Out of town.

Friday's run turned out to be one of the worst runs I have had in some time. I am not sure if it was because I ran 5 miles at tempo the night before or the benadryl I took to get to sleep. In any case, it took it's toll on me and I ended up doing some run/walk intervals just to get finished.

This week looks promising for hitting my goal, I will have to move this morning's swim to Wednesday, but not a big deal. My first triathlon of the season is just 12 days away.

Over the weekend, we took a Carnival cruise down to Ensenada Mexico with 2 other couples, one of which was celebrating his 40th birthday. We usually try to do this trip once or twice a year and it was great timing with Mike's birthday. It is always fun to have some "cruise virgins" along and show them a good time. We are long time Royal Caribbean cruisers and 2 years ago they left the 3/4 day market in Los Angeles to Carnival, so that is all we are left with. It's not the same level of service as on Royal Caribbean, but as I say...a bad weekend of cruising is better than a good week at work.

You can see the pictures here.


Veronica said...

Ok, so you are getting back into the groove. I don't know how you get all those different exercises in, its all I can do to just do the running!!

Glad you had fun on the floating trailer park. Now get back to work!

PRC said...

Congrats on the training, and I envy y'alls trip. I need a fix BAD!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm sure it was the bendaryl. It seems to take me longer to recover from the antihistamines than it does from running a marathon!

Nice cruise! I've often wondered about doing onw with my wife. Hmmm.