Monday, June 21, 2010

Week #1 of the "TTGFS" Training Plan Recap

It's done...Week #1 of the "Time to Get F*&king Serious" Training plan is in the books. I had planned on 2 swims, 2 bikes and 3 runs along with some stretching and core work. I came close to completeing that goal.

Here is week #1 by the numbers...

Monday: Swim 1200 yds, Run 5 miles
Tuesday: Stretching and Core
Wednesday: Run 5.66 miles
Thursday: Swim 1700 yds, Run 5 miles @ tempo
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run 10 miles
Sunday: Supposed to ride my bike, but Father's Day got in the way.

I was able to get 2 swims in and 4 runs, but failed to get a bike ride in. This week will be a challenging week as well as I won't be getting any running done over the weekend unless you call dashing between Papas and Beer, Mango-Mango and Hussong's down in Ensenada, Mexico...running. I will get a good bike ride in on Wednesday night when I head over to Griffith Park and ride there.

Over the weekend, I found that I have a new obsession...swim goggles. I ended up purchasing 3 new pair this weekend (helps having a son who works at Sport Chalet). I needed a new primary pair and found 3 that I wanted to try. I tested them all in my home pool yesterday afternoon and put them to the test in the gym pool this morning. I will report back on those in the future.


Ms. V. said...

The swim goggle picture is funny. What are you training for? Marine Corps Marathon (coughs)?

Veronica said...

Talk to Jamie about swim goggles, he must have 100 pair. Seems like every time we go near Dicks he needs a new pair.

Glad your training is going better. Have fun at Pappas and Beer.

Bob said...

Linda - MCM next year, Ironman the year after! I wish I could join you at MCM this year but xoxo_meme and I are shooting for 2011. I also wish I could take that spot for the Chicago marathon you have, but it just isnt in the cards this year.

V-I have had one pair of goggles for the last 2 years and thought it was time to make those a backup pair...well, I found 3 others that I liked although 1 pair is going back, the fit was horrible.

Just settin' foot in Ensenada for a few minutes to celebrate our friends bday. A drink in the 3 aforementioned bars and back on the ship. I dont think the girls will be joining us.

Tina read your blurb in the paper and she's thinking of going to Disney in 2013...hmmm, might be my shot at Goofy! A post marathon cruise is a must.

Veronica said...

Bob, your killing me. Guess we had better let Jody know so she can plan accordingly. I don't think I can go Goofy.