Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back...Looking Forward...

I finished my last run of 2009 this morning. One of the reasons I like to run in the early morning are the beautiful sunrises and today was no exception. It also give me time to reflect on life and today I thought back to 2009 and looked forward into 2010. I took my Flip video camera with me this morning and shot some video.

2009 has not been a great year, by any stretch of the imagination, but there were a few good things that happened. For one, my daughter got married, and I am so proud of the woman she has become. I set new PR's in the Half Marathon, 5K and Sprint Triathlon distances. I swam 17.7 miles, biked 253.4 miles and ran 744.6 miles, all of which were new highs for me. I made a lot of new friends this year...mostly due to running/triathlon and a little thing called Twitter. I was in touch and got together with old friends, some of which I hadn't seen in 27 years and some friendships became incredibly strong over the last year.

Looking ahead to week we leave for Orlando to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, followed by a week of cruising through the Western Caribbean. I will spend every waking hour mastering the "Flowrider" as I did 2 years ago on this ship.

In March, I will run my first marathon - The LA Marathon along with some fellow twitter friends, it should be fun and challenging. I will run the Disneyland Half Marathon in September so I can get my "Coast to Coast" medal and than I think I will retire from Disney races. In October, I will do the Inaugural RnR Los Angeles Half Marathon followed by the Santa Clarita Half Marathon a few weeks later. As far as triathlon is concerned...I will do the 2 Castaic sprints over the summer and would like to do both the Malibu and Los Angeles triathlon in September/October.

Every year on New Year's Eve, I sit down and write out a few goals for the coming year...Personal, financial, business, running/triathlon. I try to make them just out of reach and strive to attain them. I put that piece of paper in an envelope and seal it, not to be opened until 1 year later. Then I open last years envelope and see if I made my goals for the year, where I failed and how can achieve them in the future. I have been doing this for about 10 years now instead of resolutions...which I never seemed to keep. I will do that once I post this.

So on this last day of 2009, let me say Thank You to my old friends, my new friends, my old friends that are now new again and to those few that became really great are all a great support system...and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!



Glenn Jones said...

Great videos Bob! Very beautiful morning run.

It was great meeting you and enjoying your company. I look forward to seeing you at the L.A. Marathon. Best of luck with your coming year and here's wishing you andyour family a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

Ms. V. said...

Okay you on the surfboard. Hilarious. Can't wait to tweetup at LAMarathon!

Celandine said...

The video shared over here was totally amazing watching it....Reading the entire post reminded me of the memorable new year celebrated at my place.
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