Saturday, December 19, 2009

14 Miles - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

On the schedule for today was a 14 mile long run. I must admit, I was a bit scared of the distance as I have only run 13.1 miles in the past. I went to bed early, got up and had a PB&J sandwich and a banana and headed out the door. When I stepped outside I realized that it was windier than I thought but it was much better than last week's rain. About 2 miles in, I started to get "that feeling" and needed to find a bathroom, unfortunately, where I was running, there was nothing. I managed to walk/shuffle home. After a brief pitstop, I headed back out the door.

I decided to change up the planned route and headed East. The wind was blowing pretty fierce along Rinaldi and it was a cross wind. I tried to "crab"(flying term) into the wind, but that didnt help. A few miles later I turned south and had the wind at my back. Around mile 11, I noticed some discomfort in my right calf/achilles, which started after last weeks 10K, so I walked for a bit and it seemed to subside. I was trying a new drink mix on this run, it was the Gu electrolyte drink. It was OK but I think I will stick with Cytomax for my long runs/rides.

I turned north and headed uphill and into the wind (15-20mph), it was definitely a struggle, I felt that I was standing still. I made it up the hill and headed home.

Final stats: 14.25 miles 2:32:47 10:43/mile. Kind of misleading as Miles 1-3 took 39:00

The Good: 14.25 miles, for the most part, felt pretty good.
The Bad: Calf/achilles issue.
The Ugly: The "poopy dance" home


Glenn Jones said...

Sounds like a good run Bob! I hate that "poopy" feeling. Thank goodness you were close to home.

We were lucky down here in the OC today. We had all te benefits of the Santa Anas without the wind.

Celandine said...

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