Monday, January 10, 2011

LA Marathon Training Week #8 and What I learned This Week...

Week #8 was spent either in the pool or on the bike, no running what so ever. The peroneal tendonitis kept me off my feet so to speak, but I was able to keep up with some training by swimming and biking. I am hoping to resume running on Thursday night with a short, easy run and get back on track for the LA Marathon.

Here's how this week looked: (Actual)

Week 8:
Monday: 3 miles (Rode 30 min on bike trainer)
Tuesday: Rest (1200 yd swim)
Wednesday: 8 Miles  ( Rode 30 min on bike trainer)
Thursday: 6.75 mi 5 x 800 (Swim 1500 yds, Rode 30 min on bike trainer)
Friday: Rest (Rest)
Saturday: 17 miles long  (25 mi bike ride)
Sunday: 8 miles (marathon pace)  (Rest)

Here is what week #9 looks like:

Week 9:
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: 7.5 mi , 6 x 800
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 12 miles long
Sunday: 9 miles Marathon Pace

Today's weight: 210  Not sure why I keep going the opposite direction, I need to be diligent about what I am eating.

The first week of 2011 has not started off all that great, not only am I dealing with an injury, but I lost a friend unexpectedly on Thursday. This week taught me some valuable lessons...this is what I learned this week...

Our bodies are probably the most technologically and complicated pieces of machinery on earth. With that being said, they are susceptible to breakdowns now and again and sometimes for no clear reason even though we maintain and properly lubricate them. We have to accept that and let them heal...even if we don't like it.

Our time on this earth is limited and life can end at any moment, most of the time, without notice. Cherish the time you have with people and tell them that you love them, don't assume they know it.

I leave you with this quote from a dear friend...

Live life to the fullest, be happy and have no regrets!


Veronica said...

Nice work for the last week considering your injury.

Sorry about the loss of your friend. You are right-life is short and precious, tell those who matter how much you care. So with that, love you! And Tina too.

The weight, well, don't know what to tell you there. That is the struggle we are having here as well.

Glenn Jones said...

Sorry for your loss Bob.

Bob said...

@V Funny to think that a little podcast out of your basement in Buffalo was the catalyst for all of of us to actually meet, go on a cruise, get y'all to come out to California for a race and create life long friendships. If you ever question whether Crown Cast was worth it or not...the answer is YES!

@Glenn - Thank you. Glad to see you are getting back to training. Is LA still a go for you?

Veronica said...

yeah, Buffalo. Riiight. But worth it, absolutely worth it.