Monday, December 13, 2010

LA Marathon Training Week #4

Week #4 on my LA Marathon training plan is finished, here's how it looked by the numbers. I swapped Saturday's long run with Sunday's mileage since I was running the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon on Sunday.

Here's how this week looked: (Actual)

Week 4:
Monday: 3 miles (Rode 30 min on bike trainer)
Tuesday: Rest (rest)
Wednesday: 6 Miles  (Rode 30 min on bike trainer)
Thursday: 5.5 mi 4 x hill (7.25 mi Hill run)
Friday: Rest (rest)
Saturday: 13 miles long  (6 mi marathon pace)
Sunday: 6 miles (marathon pace)  (13.1 Half Marathon)

Here is what week #5 looks like:

Week 5:
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 3.5 mi, tempo
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 14 miles long
Sunday: 7 miles

Today's weight: 207.6 lbs , gained .80 lb. Not sure why I gained but I will have to try harder this week.

Santa to the Sea Half Marathon Race Report coming soon.

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