Friday, November 26, 2010

2nd Annual Turkey Trot Tweet Up Race Report

A Few weeks ago, Linda and I decided we would run the Lake Balboa Turkey Trot again this year. On Wednesday when she went to sign us up, there were some issues which you can read about here. We decided not to run the Lake Balboa race but to try the Burbank YMCA's Turkey Trot instead. Some of our tweeps, Candice and Nadim were also doing this race.

I made my way to Burbank bright and early on a very cold morning here in Southern California and got registered. While I was waiting for Linda, I ran into an old high school friend that I haven't seen in 25 years. We chatted for a while about the last 25 years and about exercise, running and triathlon. Linda arrived and we met up with Candice, Nadim, Liana and Bob. We took a few pictures and headed off to the starting line.

Candice, Nadim, Linda, Me

Ms V and Me

After a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, the race started. I decided that I would run with Linda and make this a fun run, even though she kept telling me to race and go my normal 5K pace. The course was an out and back to the south and then out and back to the north on a relatively flat street. Our first mile we ran a pace of 9:32. One 2 occasions, Linda blurted out "You have to go" really loudly and I got a few funny looks from people wondering "Is this guy bothering her?" Finally Linda gave in and Nadim and I ran with her the entire race.
We ran past the starting line and headed north to the second turn around. I was feeling good and we were running a 9:32 pace for mile 2. We slowed a bit on mile 3 as it had a little bit of an incline to it but still kept a pretty consistent pace. We made a charge for the finish line and finished in 30:32. We met up with Candice, Nadim, Liana and Bob, who ran a smoking 5k just 4 days after finishing Ironman Arizona! This was one of the most organized, small races I have ever seen. They had plenty of support on the course and at the finish line, chip timing and a nice long sleeved tech shirt...all for $35. What a deal. We will definitely be back for this race next year.
Bob, Me, Linda, Candice, Nadim after the race.

Now for the most important part of the day...breakfast. We met up over at Barney's Beanery and had a great breakfast with good food and lots of laughs. What better way to spend a Thanksgiving morning than with some great friends, a little running and food. Thanks was lots of fun. Let's put it on the calendar for next year and maybe we can get Glenn to come out from behind the "Orange Curtain" and join us. :)

Me, Linda, Liana, Bob, Candice, Nadim @Barney's Beanery


Veronica said...

Read your friends rant about the Lake Balboa race-that is crappy! Better off to have done the YMCA race, sounds like you had a good time.

Our Turkey Trot had over 6700 runners, we are going to opt for another one next year with a smaller crowd. Don't know if T-Bone will do it again, but I am just not going to deal with the crummy tshirt (cotton) and lack of signage and support on course. But hey, we went out and earned our turkey!

Glenn Jones said...

Barney's?!?! Heck - I'll be there next year! (I'll just need to make sure dinner is a little later).

Lat year's Balboa TT wasn;t organized either (if I recall correctly). Glad you guys found a good one in it's place!

I missed some good company!

Southbaygirl said...

Where is the Barney's Beanery in Burbank? How did i not know it existed????

I was going to run Burbank Turkey Trot but stuck with Long Beach-guess working until midnight on wednesday had a little something to do with that decision!!

Hope t run with you soon!

Bob said...

@Glenn - This race was really organized, started on time and well run.

@Penny Barney's is on First Street between Magnolia and Orange Grove. I'll run with you in 2 weeks at Santa to the Sea...looking forward to it.