Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Seemed to Have Misplaced My Mojo...Once Again!

A few weeks ago I thought I had got my swimming/biking/running mojo back after the LA Marathon and got back to my regular schedule of swimming, biking and running. This week, it seems that I have misplaced it once again. I am finding it more enjoyable to stay in bed in the morning, instead of heading to the gym to swim or out on the streets to run. On Sunday's, which is my normal bike day, I just find it too much work to get all of my bike gear together, pump the tires and head out for a ride. The last few weeks, I have done a run on Sunday instead. This week I even joined Ms. V's Virtual 10K and placed in my age group! Woo Hoo...I think I was the only one in my age group though, but I'll take it!

I think part of the problem is that I do 90% of my training alone and in the past I have enjoyed that. I was only running with other people on Thursday nights and occasionally with my running partner on Saturdays when I wasn't running with the MT Gleason (SRLA) Runners. I can't wait to get back to running with the kids, they are a lot of fun to be around. Lately, our Thursday night "Fun Runs" have been just that...lots of fun and now I am craving that on every run! It sure make the runs more enjoyable when you have some great people to laugh with. So I guess what I am saying is...RP, lets not make those runs so much fun :) Actually, it looks like this week, there wont be so much laughing as we start to pick up some speed over 7 miles...should be interesting. The next few weeks are going to be challenging as I am off to back to back trade shows although I am looking forward to Nashville next week. I have never been and thanks to Penny @southbaygirl, she has given me some tips on areas to run while I am there. Hopefully after mid May, I can find the mojo and get back a regular training schedule.

A while back I posted that I was working on a medal rack for my medals so I could have a place to hang and display them instead of hanging them on the corners of bookshelves in my office. Here is a picture of the finished product, but I am working on Medal Rack V1.2 and that one will go to my RP.


Evolving Through Running said...

Like the medal rack - clean and simple. I definitely need to get some more medals to justify a display option. All in due time I suppose.

Glenn Jones said...

At least you had it. It's been over a month and mine is *just* now coming back.

Enjoy Nashville! It is one of my favorite places in the U.S. Great food, great music. If you get a chance, see the Opry. It's a must - whether or not you like Country music (and I know which way you lean on that....)

Veronica said...

Apparently I got your mojo. With my new plan I am more excited than ever to be running. And after running with others for 2 years, I am totally enjoying the solitude of running alone.

Like the medal rack-I only have 1 medal so far (we didn't get any for my first half)so I don't need a display YET, but come September I'll have 3 very nice pieces of bling to display.

Bob said...

@Evolve - Thank, looked for medal racks for a long time and finally came up with my own design.

@Glenn - Looking forward to Nashville, unfortunately, I dont have a lot of free time but I do plan on doing 2 early morning runs with my flip camera to check out some of the sites. Love the country music...at least the newer stuff.

@V - Glad someone has the mojo! I will put you on the list for a rack so you can display that nice Disney "bling" :)

Veronica said...

Baby, I already got a "rack" that I'm trying to get rid of, but I'll take yours!!