Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally a Good Run...

After missing Tuesday's early morning swim due to the desire to stay in bed, I decided to try again Wednesday and set my alarm for 5am. My wife and I had a guest in our bedroom all night...a cricket (get your minds out of the gutter) and I didn't sleep much. Actually I spent most of the night with a flashlight trying to find the thing...and never did. Needless to say...I skipped the swim. As I sat there reading tweets and blogs about people's workout they had done or were going to do, I thought, I gotta quit f#*king around. I said to gotta run 5 miles tonight. I quickly made it home and changed and headed out for my 5 miles. I have several 5 mile routes I could take but I saw my neighbor and her daughter running up the hill so I decided to chase them down. They were about 150 yds a head of me and by the time I reached the top of the first hill...I caught them. We chatted for a minute and when they said they were heading the other direction, I took off fo the major hill loop. I haven't run this route in a while but it is a 4.5 mile loop with 534 feet of elevation gain...something I can use to prepare for my leg in the RnR San Diego Relay. I was cruising along at a pretty good pace and hit the steep section which is about 1 mile long and I ran that at a 10:27/mi pace. I was very happy about that. I made it to the top and headed down the other side and kept a nice even pace, never feeling labored, actually, I probably could have given it a bit more. In the end it was 4.5 miles in 39:12 (8:52/mi avg)

This morning I finally got that swim in that I had been trying get in all week. 1700 yards in 38:59, seeing some improvement in the water, but need to start doing 3 swim workouts per week. My arms and shoulders felt tired, so I am thinking some weight workouts are in order....where to find the time though???

From the "Unbelievable File"

Last Saturday morning on my run, I came to a stop light. While I was standing there I noticed that the curbs were freshly painted red. When I looked over at the storm drain, this is what I saw...the brilliant City of Los Angeles Street maintenance people painted the trash that was in the storm drain instead of removing it first. This is one big #FAIL!!!

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Glenn Jones said...

Woo hoo! WTG Bob. Welcome back.

That photos is hilarious. I hope they weren't getting paid overtime to do that quality work.