Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Feel the Need...The "Need 4 Speed"!

Next up for me is the San Diego Rock N Roll Relay, while some people might be content to spend the weekend with some great friends, run a leg of the relay dressed as one famous, deceased (questionable), singer from Tupelo, Mississippi...not us! We, Team Need 4 Speed, have set out to not only do the aforementioned, but we want to run a sub 4 hour marathon as well! Keep in mind that none of us are world class, elite runners, but we have heart, determination and dedication. That will only get us so far...we are gonna need some speed.

Last weekend I set out on a 7 mile run with some hills to simulate my leg (leg #2) and try and keep an average pace of 8:30/mi. After analyzing the data from my garmin, I found that I ran "more hill" than I would be running in San Diego, but I was able to keep an average pace of 8:53/mi. Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday (depending on when you read this), I will be in San Diego on business and plan to drive as much of leg #2 as possible to get a feel for the hill in that leg. It looks to be a 250 foot gain over 3 miles.

This week has been kind of a let down. During Sunday's bike ride, I noticed a bit of pain on the outside of my left knee and it hasnt gotten much better with rest. I have not run nor have I been to the pool to swim and I am not happy about it. I am hoping to get in 6 miles when I get home from San Diego, but we'll see what happens. This is my busy time of year and I have 2 trade shows back to back the first 2 weeks of May. I have to get focused and get back to training.

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Glenn Jones said...

It must have been the water or something that they handed out during the race! I've had the toughest time getting back on track mentally ever since.

By the way - the two worst things about leg #2. The freeway you are running on is severly cambered, so your right leg will be higher (by a couple to three inches) than your left leg for a couple miles. Try to get onto the road shoulder, which is level (but crowded). Then, once you reach the top, you will face a downhill. Your desire will be to let her rip - save *just a little* becuase you'll hit a couple inclines when you come off the freeway and into the neighborhood. Hopefully leg two will end just *before* Margaritaville so you'll be able to enjoy one....