Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swim, Bike...No Run

I am continuing to make progress with my groin injury. Last week, I decided to hit the pool and swim since I didn't really need to use my legs, although I did minimal kicking. After 1000 yards on Thursday, I went back on Saturday morning and up the yardage to 1650 yds (1 Mile in the water). I actually felt really good about the distance and wasn't all that tired afterwards. The doctor told me that if I could ride my bike pain free, then it would be OK to ride short distances at an easy pace. Sunday morning I headed out for a trial run...I used a relatively flat course through the northern part of the Valley. I found that the first 2 miles, my hip was a bit tight, but it loosened up after that. The good news is that all the miles were "pain free" and I was happy about that. I tried to keep the pace easy, but since it was my first time back on the streets in about a month, I decided to hammer it a bit for a couple of miles. Felt good but I was winded so I scaled back and leisurely rode the rest of the way back home. It was only 13 miles, but it gave me hope that I could possibly keep up my fitness level by biking and still be able to run the LA Marathon in 7 weeks.

Monday is usually a rest day for me but, I decided to hit the pool once again. I swam another 1650 yards and if I had a bit more time, I would have tried for 2000 yards, that is how good I felt. I started swimming back in April of last year and I could barely swim 2 lengths (25 yd) of the pool before I had to stop and rest. Over the summer, I decided to try out the 0-1650(mile) swim program and it didn't go as well as I thought. Actually, I never did finish that program, I started reading "Total Immersion Swimming" and started to use some of those drills which I think really helped my swimming. I am still far from where I want to be for swimming, but I am now more confident in the water.

Last night, I rode 30 minutes on the bike trainer in the garage. I did a few intervals to get the HR up, but I get soooo bored riding on the trainer. Today I am just going to do some stretching, core work and try a couple of yoga positions to see if I can loosen up my tight hip. Thursday is a big day for me...I am going to attempt a short, easy run with my group from A Runner's Circle. Hoping all goes well...I'll keep you posted.


Glenn Jones said...

Glad to hear that you're making progress with the groin pull. Those can be tough to work through.

I'm not aware of an official tweetup yet - I'll get on the stick and see what may happen.

Ms. V. said...

I hope you do well tonight. Stationary bikes bite...

DONT do too much, too fast though!!