Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slow and Easy....NOT!

After today's marathon driving session (9 hours) to San Diego and back to see some clients and check in with our office down there, I decided to head out for a "slow and easy" 8 mile run. I grabbed my gear and headed out the door. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't feel tight at all as I had in my previous two runs, but I felt and my garmin confirmed it...I was going too fast. In the back of my head, I heard my RP's voice telling me to slow down, but my brain and my legs weren't talking. By Mile 5, I started to slow down a bit and kept that slower pace through Mile 8. I started to get a bit tired at mile 7 and was fading fast at mile 8, but pushed through to get home. When it was all said and done...8.42 Miles in 1:25:59 (10:12/mi pace). Friday is a rest day and Saturday I will attempt 10-12 miles.

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Glenn Jones said...

I nver would have thought *I* woul saying this - it's hard to run slow!