Friday, February 5, 2010

Progress Report

After almost 3 weeks without running due to my groin injury, I decided that I would try a short, slow run to see if I could in fact continue training for the LA Marathon. All day Thursday as I was out calling on customers, I resisted the urge to run across a the street or jog through a parking lot. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to arrive. I couldn't wait for 5:30pm to come and when it did I headed right over to A Runner's Circle for the Thursday night Fun Run. Due to a hectic schedule in December, the holidays, my vacation and this injury, I hadn't run with the group since the first week of December and I missed it.

When I got there, I was talking with a few guys about the new ARC Tri Club and some of the new brands the store will be carrying in the near future. At 6:15pm the group took off. My running partner, Melissa, and I started out really slow, which was good since I didn't know how my body was going to act or react to running. I felt a bit tight at first but after a short while, things seemed to loosen up. When we got to the 3 mile loop turn, we decided to go for the full 5 miles. We kept a nice easy pace through out and finished in 1:05:32 (13:05/mile) I didn't think I have ever run that slow, but it felt good. After chatting with some fellow runners, I headed home to use my new Stick and iced down for a while.

I am going to swim on Saturday due the rain that we are experiencing here in Los Angeles and I will try another slow, easy run on Sunday.


Ms. V. said...

dude. that's so GREAT you felt good!! keep it slow and steady...

Veronica said...

Great Bob. I bet it felt good to run again. Hope you can continue pain free.