Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Showtime Again

So here we are, one year later, going through the same "taper madness" once again. It seems that this year, like last year, I have been plagued by an injury along with a busy schedule that has kept me from completing my Higdon marathon training plan to it's fullest.

Between work, travel, and injury, I was only able to get one, 20 mile run in this cycle, but it went fairly well. Melissa and I tried a 10/2 walk/run interval on our 20 miler. I thought it was working out well until around mile 18, where I was feeling "the wall" rapidly approaching. The last 2 miles were tough but we got through it. This week, we decided to do 14-15 miles and try a 9/2 walk/run interval. I think it definitely worked better for us than the 10/2 did, so we will use it during the LA Marathon. We also discussed a nutrition plan for the race, Gu every 6 miles or as needed. I think that with the Run/Walk interval, we should be able to power through the wall and finish least that is what I am hoping for.

This week I have been adding extra carbs and salt to each meal along with staying hydrated and cutting out alcohol and coffee the last few days. I have been trying to get to bed an hour or so earlier to get some extra rest, although I have been waking up at 2am (the time I will get up on Sunday) every night this week, but go right back to sleep.

Saturday will be a busy day with the expo in the morning and the Mt Gleason Runner's annual luncheon in the afternoon. The rest of the day will be spent resting.

This year, I don't have the fear of the unknown...I have done the distance and know I can do it again. I've learned from my mistakes (going out too fast) and will try and not repeat them. I am hoping to stay strong to the finish and set a new PR along the way. I am excited to be running with my RP, Melissa and all of the other "tweeps" that will be out there as well. Rain...well, we will just deal with it. I ran 20 miles in a downpour last year during training, and while granted, it sucked, I survived it.

Good luck to everyone running, especially those running their first marathon!


PRC said...

Good luck Bob, let me know how it goes!

Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing all your marathon knowledge with me! Your going to do great! See you at the finish =)

Veronica said...

First, let me say that you are my inspiration. You are going to PR, no doubt. I can't wait to hear all about it. Make sure you text or email or something when you get time on Sunday-the East Coast Cheer Squad (can you picture Jamie in a short skirt and pom-poms! OMG) will be sending good vibes your way.
Love you!

PRC said...

Jamie "takes a nap" in a short skirt and pom-pom's ???

Bob said...

@Paul Thank you!
@Kristy - You are welcome, you are gonna rock this race.
@V - I just threw up in my mouth! There are things you should just imagine...Jamie in a skirt and pom poms is one of them. I'll text you when Im done.

Thanks for the well wishes

PRC said...