Sunday, August 8, 2010

Castaic Sprint Triathlon II Race Report

Castaic Sprint Triathlon (400 yd swim, 10 mi bike, 3 mi run)

This was the second race in the series put on by the Canyon High School Cross Country program, the first was last month and you can read my race report here.

I arrived early so I could get my choice of rack space in transition, as usual, I chose
 a spot on the end of a rack about half way in the transition area. I go set up and then registered. I made my way down to the water to check the temperature and found it to be rather warm. I had brought my new Xterra Volt wetsuit and wanted to use it, but with the water so warm, I wasn't sure if I would put it on. I decided that since I brought it and I have never swam in it before, I would use it. I got it on and went to the pre-race meeting. After the meeting I headed down to the swim start to wait for my wave (40-100) to start. I chatted with a couple of guys and then got into the water as we were about to start. I went to my usual spot, in the back and on the outside, and then the siren went off. I waded out until I could start swimming and tried to find a rhythm, which I was able to do. I found myself swimming up on people and would have to back off a bit. At one point I looked up and two guys in front of me were next to each other doing the back stroke and there was no way to split them, so I head outside a bit more and got around them. I made the turn at the buoy and headed to shore. My swim split was 5:10 which was 1:16 faster than last month. Could it have been the wetsuit? I did feel more bouyant in the water, but I think it has been all the work on my swimming that really made the difference.

I ran up to transition starting to take the wetsuit off as this was the first time I had done it in a race. I got to my bike and took the wetsuit off but a I was doing so, I felt some discomfort in my groin. Remember, I did injure it severly in January. I had trouble getting my socks on but finally managed to get going on the bike. After I got out on the main road, I took a Gu and a few sips from my bottle. As I was putting the bottle back in the cage, it came out and fell under the back tire and I ran it over. After I heard the crunch, I decided to keep going. I kept a pretty good pace throughout the bike, even through the uphill portion. I passed a dozen or so people on the way back and I was feeling pretty good. I saw my bottle on the way back and it was actually intact so I decided to veer off and pick it up. When I pushed off with my left leg, my calf had a sever cramp. I just stopped in the middle of the road and tried to stretch it out a bit. It loosened up and I started up again, but about 4 of the people I had passed, now passed me. One rider actually slowed up and asked if I was OK as he saw me stretching my calf. Bike time: 34:40, about the same as last time.

I racked my bike and put on my shoes using Yankz laces, grabbed a bottle, Gu and headed out on the run. The first portion of the run has a steep downhill section and it's a bit rough on the body, but after that it is fairly flat with a slight incline going out. For the first 3/4 mile, I felt my chest was tight and I was having trouble breathing, but once I got into a rhythm, I resumed normal breathing.I got to the turn around, downed a Gu, some gatorade and walked for about 15 seconds and then made the charge back to the finish. I sprinted to the finish and crossed the line in 1:09:46. Run Time: 25:47

Official finish time 1:09:46, which is a new PR in this race by 1:27  Just thinking if I didnt stop, pick up the bottle, cramp up and stretch, I probably could have shaved off another 30 seconds...oh well..what if??? I am still very pleased.

After the race I chatted with Liana and Bob(@fittorrent and @rcmcoach), who once again came out to support, cheer and take pictures. Than you once again for coming out! You two are awesome.

Next week, I will race the Hansen Dam Triathlon, which will consist of a 500 yd swim, 12 mile bike and a 3 mile trail run. I have never raced this race before, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Today was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but since my calf is still sore, I didnt want to chance it and I took today as an unscheduled rest day instead. This week, I will focus once again on swimming, trying to get 3 swims in this week along with a couple of runs and a bike ride. 


Sheila said...

Hey, a PR is a PR and that's a really nice race you pulled off. I'm sure all your swimming practice had something to do with the better swim time. Good job and good luck at Hansen Dam next week!

Glenn Jones said...

Nice PR Bob! Keep on training - the results are showing....

Veronica said...

Nice work there Coach!! Good luck this Sunday. We are rooting for you from here!