Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to Back Tri's

This week I will attempt to do something I have never done two triathlons back to back over an 8 day period. First up will be the second race of the Castaic Lake Tri series, I ran the first race back in July and you can read the race report here. The second race, will be 8 days later and that is the Hansen Dam Sprint. I have never competed in this race and I must say, I am a bit nervous about the swim. It will be a 500 yard open swim and it get about 1000 participants. Since I am in a very dense age group, I can be assured it will be a very physical swim. I think the best strategy for me will be to stay in the back and head for the outside. I may end up swimming some extra yards, but that is OK, my goal is just to find a rhythm and keep going.

I have spent extra time in the pool this week and will spend more next week as well working on finding a rhythm and endurance. I am not worried about my biking or running, although I have had a little hip discomfort over the last couple of days, but it should not affect anything. After these two races, I must then focus soley on my running as the Disneyland Half Marathon will be just 2 weeks away and I will be pacing my friend Veronica to a new half marathon PR. She has been working her butt off since I gave her a schedule back in May, so I will not let her down. The only other race scheduled is the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in October and I wont be adding anymore races to the calendar for this year. I will start my LA Marathon training with Craig Moss and the SRLA kids in September and I am already starting to plan next year. I think 2011 will be the year of big races for me...LA Marathon in March, Marine Corps Marathon in October and wedged in between those two...Vineman 70.3(Half Ironman). It's not set in stone but, I'll keep you posted.


Glenn Jones said...

This is an impresive schedule Bob. I'll eagerly be following your training!

Veronica said...

Good luck with both your tri's-you rock doing them 8 days apart!!
I am thinking if I get a bike I might try dualathons.
And thank you for the props, I am looking forward to running with you in a mere 4 weeks and setting a new PR. You have been a great coach!

Ms. V. said...

MCM? Oh crap i thought this year.