Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Swim Goggles...

Up until recently, I had been using the same pair of Speedo goggles for the last 2 years and I really like them. I was reading an article and it mentioned that you should always have a back up pair of goggles in your bag. My first race of the season was about 2 weeks away so I decided to go and buy a new pair of goggles. After shopping around at different stores, I ended up with 3 new pairs.

Aquasphere Kayenne - $20

I had seen these in magazines and they looked interesting to me. I liked the wider field of vision and they looked comfortable. I was able to find them at Sport Chalet and had my son get them with his employee discount. As soon as I got home, I put them on and jumped in my pool. The fit was good and they didnt leak at all. The next morning, I headed to the gym and swam 1000 yards with them. I only had one issue and that was that there was some condensation on the inside of the lens after 1000 yards. I have made these my primary pair of goggles and have resolved the condensation issue, I think.I used these in my first sprint race a few weeks ago and they performed well.

TYR Technoflex 4.0 - $10

I found these at Big 5 and decided to give TYR a try this time since I couldnt find the Speedo goggles that I have been using. I put these on in the store and the fit felt very good, they were comfortable around the eyes. I took these to the gym and swam 600 yards with these on. They were completely leak free and fairly comfortable in the water. I found them to be not quite as comfortable as the Aquasphere Kayenne goggles, but I feel I could wear them for a sprint or olympic distance race. These are now my back up pair and I try to swim with them every 3-4 swims.

Speedo ??? - $8

I thought that these were similar to the speedo goggles I had so I got them as well. When I put them on in the store, they fit pretty well, in the pool, a whole different story. These were the most uncomfortable goggles I have ever worn. I swam with them for a bout 5 minutes and I knew they would never work, even for swimming laps at the gym, so I took these back to the store.

Coming soon - my review of the H2O Audio Ipod shuffle enclosure and H3 headphones.


Stuart said...

I love my Aquaspheres, zero leakage!

Sheila said...

How did you resolve the condensation issue with the Aquasphere goggles? I must have the most difficult face to fit in the world. I've tried so many different brands and styles of goggles over the last 3 years. Finally found this year that the Speedo Baja Jr. works great for me. I only wish they had a tinted version as well. I guess I have a very small face.

Bob said...


Not really sure how I resolved it other than making sure I got enough spit in each lens and made sure they fit around the bottom of my eyes well. The pool has been a bit cooler the last week and I did 1700 yds in them issues. I have a pair of Speedo's, not sure what model and I love them but they are 2 years old and I couldnt find a replacement from speedo.

Have you tried the Aquasphere brand?