Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marathon Induced Insomnia... in Full Effect!


So much for my plans of getting a little extra sleep each night this week before the big day. I was prepared not to get much sleep the night before the race, but waking up at 3am (incidentally the time I will wake up on Sunday) everyday this week is getting ridiculous. I lay there thinking about the race itself, getting to the race, hydration, nutrition, etc. and I cant get back to sleep. I hear that this is normal before a big race, but I have never experienced it like this before. I want my sleep! Hopefully, I can break this cycle for the next few nights.

This week has been pretty lackluster in terms of runs, I skipped Monday's 30 min spin on the bike and yesterday's 5 miler. My legs are feeling a bit heavy and tired. I got in 30 minutes on the bike tonight and then 3 or 5 miles Thursday night with the group from ARC. Friday afternoon I will head to Dodger Stadium for the expo and Saturday I will be attending the Mt Gleason Runner's luncheon and trying to rest and stay off my feet as much as possible.

I have made my checklist for Pre-Race, Race, and Post-Race and now will gather everything together and check and re-check it several times before leaving the house at 4am Sunday morning.


Glenn Jones said...

Ah yes. Taper madness in full effect....

Thanks for the article yesterday. I've bookmarked it and will get to it soon!

Ms. V. said...



see you with the bling!

Veronica said...

Bob if you are up at 3am, call your BFF. He's on his way to work and can bore you back to sleep if you like.

Thinking good thoughts for you and cannot wait to hear about your experience. I am getting anxious to get racing again, heck we have barely started training again here.

PRC said...

Have a great run tomorrow Bob!