Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Here I sit on the last days of 2011 reflecting on  the past year and thinking about 2012. I realize that I haven't blogged since August and I hope to change that in the coming year. 2011 turned out to be a busy year, even though I tried to scale back the amount of races/events I participated in.

2011 Races:
Firecracker 10K
SRLA 18 Mile Friendship Run
LA Monsoon (Marathon)
Vineman 70.3
Castaic Sprint Triathlon I & II
Roadchickie's Almost Flat, Mostly Smooth Century Ride
Disneyland Half Marathon
Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon
Bike The Coast 50 Mile
Run For Her 5K
Say No To Drugs 10K
Holiday Half Marathon

The 3 highlights for me were A) Running Swimming the LA Marathon with my running partner, Melissa  B) Vineman 70.3  C) Flying to Albany, NY to surprise our friend Veronica and run the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon with her.

Here is 2011 by the numbers:

Running: 640 miles
Biking: 1,828 miles
Swimming: 47 miles

Looking forward to 2012, I only have one race on the calendar which is the Hollywood Half Marathon in April. I'm sure my wife and I will do the Disneyland Half Marathon again next year. I decided that I wouldn't run the LA Marathon again this year with Coach Craig and his SRLA group since the LA Marathon falls on my daughter's due date. Yup...we are going to be grandparents and we are excited. I need to set a goal, something to train for next year, so I am looking at Ride Around the Bear or the 100 Mile Tour Of Big Bear.
The second half of 2012 will be spent training for the 2013 Disney Goofy Challenge in Orlando, Fl. on January 12-13, 2013.

2011 was a great year for friendships, both old and new. I met some amazing new friends (thanks twitter) and strengthened my relationships with old friends. Thank you all for your support! I couldn't have done it without you.

Happy New Year!



Glenn Jones said...

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year Bob! I'm sure our paths will cross somewhere along the way.

Unknown said...

OMG I made the top 3!!! I am so honored!

I am super proud of your achievements this year and am so glad you guys came to NY, even though I sucked donkey dicks at the MH Half.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2012, and can't wait to see you in early 2013 for my first marathon, no one I would rather share the experience with than you my friend! (and I will bring PB cups with me)

Jamie S. said...

sucked donkey di...
Wait, What?

That's my wife. Looking forward to 2012 and starting my own training.

Need to keep up on my own blog.

PRC said...

Hope you and Tina both have a great 2012! Being a grandparent is great: you get to be the "good guy" all the time and leave the "bad guy" stuff to the parents!


Stuart said...

Woah I had no idea you raced as much this year! Great job and here's to 2012!